Our Services

Our main areas of operations are Study Visa, Tourist Visa, Visitor Visa, Permanent Residence (PR), Air-Ticketing, Passport Advisory, Western Union, Ria, Money Gram Tour Packages, Hotel Bookings & IELTS Form Filling (IDP as well as British Council)

We are expert in student screening and counselling, helping students with courses selection, career counselling, directly apply with top universities and college of Australia, Canada, New Zealand& United Kingdom, Funds Guidelines, Gap assistance, Visa guidance, Pre-departure briefing, assistance with travel arrangements etc.

Brief about our Services

  • Expert Counselling

                Our counsellors are professional’s and skilledfor guiding students towards the right direction. We are           considered as one of the most inclusive and proficient consultancy in Sri Ganganagar. The students      are exposed to study abroad options and they can choose what best fits their requirement. We guide   them throughout the process of application to departure and beyond.

  • Application Process

                Our team of counsellors is informed about all the changes and updates in application processes of the          universities we represent. This enables them to provide step by step guidance to students during the       application process which can otherwise be overwhelming too most.

  • Selection of Courses, Universities & Colleges

                We are constantly in touch with the universities and Collegeswhich we represent and are restructured        about the variety of courses and programs of study they offer. This helps us to guide the students in making the right decision or conclusion when it comes to choosing the course of study which best fits their profile and requirement.

  • Expert Visa Guidance

                When it comes to Visas, Chouhan Travel Service, has a special team of Visa Facilitators who work with            students and their families to make sure the visa process system is hassle-free. Such guidance also ensures a strong possibility of successful Visa Approval.

  • Pre-Departure Sessions

                We have a tradition of pre-departure briefing sessions to comfort the anxious, concerned and nervous        students and provide them certain last-minute tips to make sure their experience of studying abroad is               truly special. It is arelaxed session to educate them about various traits of the study destination they               are headed to and it also helps them clarify any last-minute queries. This is our way to show that our   services are not limited till admissions but also beyond. Because, in the end, it is the relationship we              have with our students and their families that matters the most.

Other Services

  • Tour Package

Provide you the best and most reasonable tour package of your dream destination. Get special offers on International holidaysand Honeymoon package from Chouhan Travel Service.

Get bored with your regular life, let us book your vacation in your Dream Destination.

  • Air- Ticket

Book Domestic and International flights at lowest fare with Chouhan Travel Service. Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets. Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man landing is the first.

  • Western Union

The fastest way to receive money worldwide. No extra charges on money transfer payments.

  • Passport Guidance

Will help you to get your passport without any obstacles. Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of the passport.